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Possibly the most comprehensive block set ever designed

A brilliant, practical system of solid wood blocks for building spatial, language, and problem-solving skills. 70 heirloom quality pieces work with each other in more than 20 stage-based activities. Crafted by child development experts, these wooden toy blocks offer years of learning through play.

Key Features

  • For ages 12+ months

  • Stack, roll, count, sort categorize, and connect

  • Stage-based activity guide features 20+ fun learning and developmental activities ranging in complexity to meet every stage of your child's growth

  • 70 wood pieces in a rainbow of 18 different hues

  • 18 different shapes and tools

  • Arrives in a wooden storage box that converts into a pull car

  • Drawstring cotton bag for flexible storage

  • This product meets or exceeds global safety standards for babies and children

Product specifications

Materials & care

Take a Look Inside

Solid Wood Building Blocks

Solid Wood Building Blocks

15 colorful cubes for counting, stacking, and toppling. Mix and match with other shapes to explore more advanced physical concepts.

The Block Set: Solid Wood Cylinders

Half Cylinders

Practice problem-solving with shapes that stack on their flat side but roll on their rounded side.

The Block Set: Solid Wood Building Planks

Building Planks

18 wooden planks—in 18 colors—for fun practice with balance, stability, and geometry.

The Block Set: Assorted Solid Wood Shapes

Assorted Shapes

9 geometrically shaped blocks and 2 arches for imaginative play, shape sorting, and more complex building and balancing.

The Block Set: Solid Wood People

Play People

4 wooden friends to help bring a whole new world of imagination to life.

The Block Set: Wheels and dowels with a toggle string

Wheels and Dowels with a Toggle String

It’s like magic: 7 pieces fit together to transform the wooden storage box into a simple pull car!

The Block Set: Threading blocks with toggle string

Threading Blocks

6 blocks designed for fun fine motor coordination and dexterity practice when used with the toggle string for threading.

The Block Set: Wooden storage box, lid, and ramp

Storage Box, Lid, and Ramp

A box with a shape-sorting lid and a divider that doubles as a ramp: practice concepts in physics like momentum and gravity.

Drawstring bag

Cotton Drawstring Bag

Store your Block Set any way you like—this versatile bag is perfect for play on the go.


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