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The Looker Play Kit
Weeks 0 - 12

Ships every 2 months | $80 per Play Kit

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About this Play Kit

Your baby is more aware of everything around them and fascinated with details. This Play Kit makes the most of your baby's natural curiosity about how things work with opportunities to explore texture, practice nesting and stacking, and learn about object permanence.

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    Promote speech development

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    Practice nesting and stacking

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    Learn about object permanence

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    Lay the foundation for memory development

Book Bundle Add-On

The Right Stories for Right Now

Get even more exclusive, stage-based books with every Play Kit when you add the Book Bundle.

  • Stories that support the experiences your child is going through at every stage

  • Features real families and stories to help build empathy and confidence as your child grows

  • Relatable topics and imagery engage your child, making them books they want to read again and again

Ships with each Kit | Additional $18 per Kit

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The Inspector Play Kit Book Bundle
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