The Food Before 1 Course Pack

Safely navigate introducing solids with a flexible baby-led approach, starting with purees


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What you’ll learn

Gain the confidence you need to navigate starting solids and raising an independent eater. Our experts guide you through the entire journey, from developmental readiness and critical nutrition needs for the first year, advice to how to safely progress through textures and introduce allergens. Plus, the countertop Parent Guide makes it easy to quickly reference important information.

What you’ll get

  • Expert guidance for ages 4–12 months

  • Unlimited video and audio access

  • Parent Guide with helpful countertop design

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Inside the Course Pack

baby eating

Expert Videos

Sec. 1 of 3: Getting Started

Introduction & Assessing Readiness

Meet the Course Pack experts and learn how to know if your child is ready for solids


Welcome to Food Before 1



Meet Rachel Coley



Meet Stephanie Middleberg



Our Approach



The Importance of Food Before 1



Is Your Child Ready to Start Solids?


Learning to Eat Safely

Nutrition Before 1

Preparation for Starting Solids

Food Before 1: Parent Guide

Parent Guide

Place this go-to guide on your countertop to quickly reference schedules for introducing allergens, a list of nutrients your baby needs, meal ideas, and more.


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