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Backed by expert research, inspired by Montessori learning
Bring the Montessori method into your home with Lovevery. Our Playthings are Montessori-inspired, providing play that engages a child’s natural interests, builds real-life skills, and connects your child to the world around them.
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Montessori learning with The Play Kits
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Play Kits for Infants (0–12 months)

Play Kits for Infants (0–12 months)

Welcome your child to the world with classic toys—including first rattles, balls, puzzles, and more—that tap into their natural inclination to learn.

Play Kits for 1-year-olds

Play Kits for 1-year-olds

Support your child’s natural curiosity with playtime that builds practical life skills and encourages exploration.

Play Kits for 2-year-olds

Play Kits for 2-year-olds

Encourage your child’s budding independence with Playthings that encourage positive routines, more advanced matching skills, and early STEM concepts.

Play Kits for 3 YO

Play Kits for 3-year-olds

Explore more sophisticated concepts with your curious child as they begin to learn who they are during the Year of Self™.

Book Bundle Books
Book Bundles for The Play Kits
Enjoy additional Lovevery-exclusive, stage-based books—featuring real stories and families—when you add the Book Bundle to your Play Kits Subscription.
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More ways to bring home the benefits of Montessori

Encourage independence and positive routines with these Lovevery essentials.

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Montessori baby toys
Encourage independence through hands-on discovery and play with The Play Kits by Lovevery—inspired by Montessori and designed by child development experts for ages 0 to 5. Our Montessori-aligned Playthings engage your child's natural curiosity through repetition and purpose, while building real-life, practical skills.

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