The New Sibling Course Pack

Support your older child’s transition to siblinghood

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The New Sibling Course Pack

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What you’ll learn

From when you first learn your family is growing, through the new sibling’s first birthday, This Course Pack includes tools that help your older child process their feelings, learn to safely play with the new baby, and understand ways they can help. You’ll also gain valuable insight into how to care for multiple children and their different needs.

What you’ll get

  • Expert guidance for siblings 18+ months

  • Unlimited video and audio access

  • Parent Guide

  • 4 Lovevery board books

  • Sibling Activity Guide

  • Guided Script Cards

  • 'My Book About the New Baby' template

  • 1 Singalong song

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Inside the Course Pack

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Expert Videos

Sec. 1 of 4: Your Growing Family


Meet our expert instructors and learn what we'll be covering in this course.


Welcome to The New Sibling Course Pack



Meet Gabrielle Felman



Meet Maral Amani



Meet Ashley Yeh



Your Growing Family



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Sibling Skills

parent guide flatlay

Parent Guide

Reference this guide to help answer questions you may have before and after baby arrives, and find advice on how to incorporate the supportive playthings.

board book at 3/4 angle

4 Lovevery Board Books

Connect with your child through relatable stories that support and prepare you both for each stage of the first year.

activity guide flatlay

Sibling Activity Guide

Find suggestions and ideas for stage-based activities and ways your older child can interact with their new sibling.

guided script cards flatlay

Guided Script Cards

Turn to these phrases when you find yourself searching for the right words to help your older child understand complex topics, reduce meltdowns, and feel connected.

book about the baby template

'My Book About the New Baby'

Create a personalized story about what your family will experience before, during, and after the new baby arrives to help your older child process this big transition.

i want to be the baby song icon

1 Singalong Song

Listen to this song together about still wanting to be the baby as your older child becomes a new sibling and works through their big feelings.

baby doll

Organic Cotton Baby Doll

Help make the idea of a new sibling easier to understand with this baby doll, along with the guidance covered in the Parent Guide.

doll accerssories

Organic Cotton Baby Doll Accessories

Prepare your older child for what caring for their new sibling might look like as you role-play changing, feeding, carrying, and swaddling the baby doll.

buddy stroller

The Buddy Stroller

Encourage your older child to imagine new situations and outings as a bigger family, with this stroller for the Organic Cotton Baby Doll.


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