The Potty Learning Course Pack

Tap into your child’s intrinsic motivation with a child-led approach

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The Potty Learning Course Pack

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What you'll learn

Whether you’re about to start potty learning or already trying, this Course Pack has the proven paths you need, plus tools to help your child tap into their intrinsic motivation and take the lead. You’ll learn when to start, how to build momentum, and how to increase their independence over time.

What you get

  • Expert guidance for ages 18–36+ months

  • Unlimited video and audio access

  • Parent Guide

  • Set Up for Success Cards

  • 1 Singalong song

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Inside the Course Pack


Expert Videos

Sec. 1 of 3: Overview and Orientation


Learn more about what will be covered and meet the experts.


Jessica's Intro



Meet Our Potty Experts


Overview and gearing up

potty learning parent guide

Parent Guide

Get practical advice and tips for each phase—from how to make the prep phase playful and mess-free to how to make the practice phase positive and child-led.

set up for success cards

Set Up for Success Cards

Reinforce new potty learning and handwashing routines using these cards (with card holders) that help break down each action into smaller, easy-to-follow steps.

potty song icon

1 Singalong Song

Sing a fun song together that reminds your child about the signs their body gives them when it’s time to go.


'Ready to Go' Book Bundle

Help your child feel more familiar and comfortable with the process with these books that show real photos of another child learning to use the potty. Contact us to purchase.


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